No on S Explainer Series: The Deep and Broad Coalition Against Measure S

No on S Explainer Series: The Deep and Broad Coalition Against Measure S

For the next few weeks, leading up to the March 7 Los Angeles municipal election, people[PLACES]spaces will be running a series of posts about Measure S (also known by the dubious and offensive name “Neighborhood Integrity Initiative”), and why its passage would be dangerous and destructive.  We’ve been on the record in opposition to Measure S for quite some time.  So rather than repeat our own words in new combinations, this series will focus on bringing you the voices of others, from a variety of viewpoints, to highlight the broad range of Angelenos who have lined up in opposition to Measure S.

It’s not always useful to judge a political issue solely by who supports it and who is opposed to it, but the surprising list of local leaders and organizations opposing Measure S is worth noting.  And that long list, which keeps getting longer by the day, added another high profile name on Thursday when Governor Jerry Brown announced his opposition to the measure.

And Governor Brown isn’t the only high profile opponent.  Mayor Eric Garcetti, Congressman Tony Cardenas, County Supervisors Janice Hahn, Sheila Kuehl, Mark Ridley-Thomas and Hilda Solis, and 11 of the 15 Los Angeles City Councilmembers are all opposed to Measure S.  These progressive leaders aren't alone, both the Los Angeles County Republican Party and the Los Angeles County Democratic Party are opposed to Measure S.  It’s not just that the NO campaign has the most endorsements from local leaders.  It has all of them.  There is not a single currently serving elected official who supports Measure S.

Perhaps what’s most striking is the wide variety of advocacy organizations, some of whom are often in opposition to each other, that have come together in opposition to Measure S.  Some of the more recognizable names include the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, the Los Angeles County Chamber of Commerce, the Los Angeles Police Protective League, and the United Firefighters of Los Angeles City.  Those organizations are joined by a long list of homeless advocates, including Los Angeles Mission, Inner City Law Center, and Chrysalis, as well as affordable housing and renters’ advocates like Housing Works, Abundant Housing, and the Coalition for Economic Survival.  Leaders of the Downtown Women’s Center, Corporation for Supportive Housing, Skid Row Housing Trust, and the Youth Policy Institute are all opposed to Measure S.  So are labor unions, business leaders and organizations, academics, the Los Angeles LGBT Center, the Trust for Public Land, transit and bike activists like Bike the Vote LA, and the Los Angeles chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

All of these names and organizations are just a small snippet of the very long list of organizations and leaders who are opposed to Measure S.  This isn't a list of greedy developers as the Measure S proponents would have you believe.  These are people and organizations who are working hard every day to actually make Los Angeles a better place.  Check out the full list here, I guarantee you will find a lot of names you respect.

Remember to VOTE on or before March 7 (your vote-by-mail ballot may already be in your hands).  In addition to Measure S, the mayor, citywide offices, half of LA’s city council districts, and school board and community college board members are all on ballot, along with a few more measures dealing with marijuana regulation and taxation, and homeless support services.  Educate yourself and exercise your voting rights!