Coming Soon: The people[PLACES]spaces Voter Guide

Coming Soon: The people[PLACES]spaces Voter Guide

Tuesday, November 8 is still over 45 days away, but for voters in California it’s never too soon to start thinking about how to vote.  Aside from all the elected offices on the ballot, California voters will face seventeen statewide propositions, in addition to local city and county ballot initiatives.  And people[PLACES]spaces is here to help you decide.

It may seem odd for a website dedicated to design and the built environment to engage so directly in the political process, but as we mentioned before, many items on the ballot this year have the potential to have a direct impact on the future form of Los Angeles.  At a certain level, all political decisions have the potential to shape our communities, for better or worse.

Over the next few weeks, people[PLACES]spaces will be presenting our endorsements and recommendations on a range of ballot initiatives, culminating in a voter guide that will summarize our positions on all seventeen statewide propositions, Los Angeles County and City of Los Angeles initiatives, and a few other local measures.  

For every proposition, we will take a social and environmental justice focus to consider how the measure will impact the people in our communities.  You may not always agree with our assessments, but we hope we can provide useful information, and a unique perspective in this crowded campaign season.

Header image by flickr user Michael Coghlan via Creative Commons, CC BY-SA